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Handcrafted supple leather, soft vintage luxe, these are just some of the adjectives that perfectly describes the handbag collection from Lusher & Co. This Canadian woman owned brand was brought into being by Sheryl Temporao who made it her mission to create beautiful pieces that use time honoured old world techniques to fashion upcycled leather new works of art.

Follow along with us as we show you how we’ve styled some of these unique pieces from Lusher & Co. And just for you readers we have a 20% off code for you – “longshortlove

Gail – in Handbag Heaven

Anybody that knows me knows that I am a handbag FANATIC! I have so many bags that I could probably purchase a small used car LOL. Yes, I know that this obsession is a little excessive but what I can I say other than it is what it is. So, when Leslie and I were approached by Sheryl of Lusher & Co, I was over the moon y’all! Listen, this is handbag fanatic’s dream come true. This Canadian brand out of Victoria, British Columbia, make handcrafted leather goods that have a luxe yet casually chic feeling that I absolutely love.

Look 1:

Nera Crossbody Clutch (gifted): Lusher & Co. // Sweater: Boohoo // Skirt: Pretty Little Thing (old) similar here or here // Shoes: Aliexpress

For my straights sisters here are some options for you: Sweater // Skirt

The handbag I selected from the Lusher collection is this crossbody bag called “Nera” in the colour teal. This bag really works for me because it’s incredibly versatile. It can be worn as a shoulder bag crossbag or a clutch. As a I mentioned, the bag is handcrafted from beautiful, supple Italian leather.

The leather, as mentioned earlier, has gorgeous patina to it which gives the bag a vintage vibe. The Nera crossbody clutch features distressed brass studs with a wrist-lit that is also studded. The bag measures 27cm x 4 cm x 21 cm has several interior pockets as well as a pocket at the back of the bag.

The strap is adjustable so one can wear it as a shoulder bag or as a clutch as the strap is removable and is the perfect accessory for a brunchin with friends look or night out on the town outfit.

Inspired by the Nera clutch I, of course, had to create some looks to showcase the versatility of this handbag. The first outfit hints to my 2019 life when it was possible to frolick outside without the long shadow of COVID-19 threatening to burst our bubbles. So, while we may be in the middle of fall I’m still embracing bright citrus colours in the form of this knit sweater that I paired with a silver faux leather skirt. And of course the perfect “cherry on top” of this look is the Nera clutch.

Look 2:

Blazer: Sumissura (old) similar here from Sumissura, the fabric is called “Taylor” // Jeans: JustFab (old) similar here

For my straight size sisters: Blazer // Jeans

For my more smart casual look, great fitting jeans and a blazer are the perfect pairing for a workplace setting.

So, the Nera clutch crossbody is both versatile and style and will slip into your wardrobe seamlessly.

Leslie’s Loving Like…

Movement Duffle Bag: // Coat: River Island (old, similar here) // Sweater: Topshop (old, similar here) // Culottes: River Island (old, similar here) // Boots: Zara (old, similar here) //

For my plus size perfect babes: Coat // Sweater // Trouser // Pants //

Duffle Bag: // Coat:  (old, similar here) // Top: Long Tall Sally (old, similar here) // Jeans: Zara (old, similar here) // Shoes: Tory Burch (old, similar here) //

For my plus size beauties: Coat // Top, Top // Jeans, Jeans //

I love a unique, great quality bag. You know one of those bags that not everyone has, doesn’t die after 2 months of use and gets better looking with age? That’s why, when we discovered I was UBER excited! My parents instilled in Gail & I from a very early age the importance of buying quality pieces, whether it be furniture or toys, and that’s a lesson that I just can’t shake., with its focus on using genuine, supple, vintage Italian leather, and handcrafted pieces just spoke to my soul!

Added to this high level of quality is the brands focus on using sustainable, eco friendly “up-cycled” leather in their products and I was in bag heaven! As you probably guessed, the first piece that caught my eye was the “Movement Duffle Bag”. A gorgeous weekender style duffle perfect for weekend getaways, short business trips and carting work to and from the office.

I had been looking for the perfect duffle, one that was not too cumbersome, that had several pockets (essential for travelers) and looked freaking hot with any outfit I wore (yes, I llike to travel cute!).The Movement Duffle hit every mark!

With a great, large outside pocket it makes reaching chargers, phones etc. super easy. Then inside is where it became a game changer. You know how sometimes you find a bag and you think it’s phenomenaluntil you actually use it? Only to discover that they don’t have the interior pockets you need and all your stuff is just jumbled around in the body of the bag like a junk drawer? Well, covered all those bases! This duffle has MULTIPLE interior pockets. A nice medium sized one that is great for money, ID, travel docs etc., and on the opposite side are 2 smaller pockets that I put my headphones and keys in – sigh…I was literally in bag heaven the first time I used it. I even went so far as to do a bag demo for my parents!LOL My Mom, who literally approves of nothing, LOVED this bag and tried to confiscate it (I’m still feeling guilty that I said no LOL. But in my defense, she doesn’t travel!LOL). 

Another element I just love about this duffle bag is that it’s available in several colours so you can choose that one that speaks to you! I was sorely tempted to get this duffle bag in blue, but I opted for a more neutral colour that works with a lot of my wardrobe. If I didn’t mention it before, I’l mention it now; I love to travel cute. You know like in old movies where the ladies are wearing cute driving outfits or cute airplane looks, that’s me! While I don’t go all out, I definitely bring some style to my travelling gear! 

This overall look is one I’ve travelled in a few times. The key for me is a bag I can easily carry (e.g. the Movement Duffle Bag), and pieces that are loose fitting but cute. I cannot be constricted, whether it be on a plane, train or automobile. Thus, this look allows me to deconstruct it as soon as I get to my seat!LOL Pants allow for freedom of movement and are easily unbuttoned if necessary. Cute sweater will hide unbuttoned pants, and the boots are lose and slouchy, thus easily removed! All of my requirements met!

All in all, have created a beautiful bag that meets all my needs for both travel and work. I love that they are a Canadian brand and incorporate sustainability into their business model while offering gorgeous pieces that are well made and of high quality. The Movement Duffle Bag has become my go-to bag for weekend trips and photo shoots alike and I can say this: for the first time, I can’t wait to see how a bag ages! 

While the bags were gifted, the opinions expressed are our own.

And that’s the long and short of it!

Photography: Roseline Bonheur

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