Bathing Beauties – Part 1

The hot weather is finally here and it’s got us feelin’ the heat! While we may not be ready to make a splash at the beach, we’re definitely ready to soak up the sun! Sun’s out, buns out!!

Leslie’s Liming in….

Bikini: ASOS (old) similar here //

For my plus size babes the alternate bathing suit offered comes in your size as well!

There’s just something about a 2 piece bathing suit that I just love, and this lil all white baby with gold detail is right up my alley. Now this is not  a new bikini, I’ve had it for years, but it was always a bit big, but thanks to the pandemic and my virtual immobility for the last 3 months, it’s fitting quite a bit better now!LOL

I used to be concerned about wearing certain styles of bikinis because my bust is so small. But then I discovered, push up bikini tops which is great, but I found that a lot of the styles I love most did not have any push up to them. That’s when I made my next discovery – inserts that you can put in your bikini top to give you that extra lift and fullness! Whoop-Whoop! Now, I’m very happy with the body I have, but I do like to have a lil somethin-somethin’ in the bust area to give my girls a little lift. Not super noticeable, but  makes them look a little rounder (at least to me!LOL).

Another thing I learned about bikinis is the importance of fit. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to a pool or the beach rocked my bikini and never gotten in the water. Well, on my trip to Ghana last year I decided to partake in all aspects of my beach adventure, water and all. Ladies, let me tell you, I learned that you need to make sure your bikini bottoms are very FITTED! Not tight to the point of cutting off your circulation, but definitely snug. I almost lost my bikini bottoms twice, and when I got out of the water, they looked saggy – sigh… You live you learn.

Overall, while I don’t think I’ll be hitting many pools or beaches this summer, I will definitely find time to work on my tan is this fab bikini!.

Gail’s “Poolside Look”

Swimsuit: JustFab (old) similar here // Kimono: Forever 21 Plus (old) similar here // Sunglasses: Forever 21 (old) similar here //

For the straight size mamas: Swimsuit 1 // Swimsuit 2

So, as the heading states this look is strictly for looking cute at poolside – it’s never getting wet. LOL #ISaidWhatISaid LOL

I stumbled upon this white plus size swimsuit while perusing the Just Fab website some time ago. I loved the plunging neckline and the gold grommet detailing that are found along the neckline.

The suit also features foam inserts for the bust area but to be honest I found them to be not very helpful. In addition, if you do have a larger bust this particular suit does not offer a lot of support in that area.

The straps of the bathing suit come together to create a criss cross pattern in the back. Also the suit comes up rather high in the back to offer more coverage for those that prefer that or may be a little shy in exposing their rolls…but to that I say let go and let flow.

I completed my look with fun white sunglasses and this printed cover up. Now, where is my rum punch?

And that’s the long and short of it.

Gail & Leslie xoxo

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